Content guideline

Bizula allows members to share their content which includes text, images, videos on the website as long as it does on violate the guidelines. Please go through our guideline below before posting any content on the website:


Promotional Content: You can only add promotional offers if you are using a business account on your business listing page.  


Inappropriate Language: You can express your experience as long as you don't treat or harass anyone. 


Conflicts of Interest: All the reviews about a business should only be form the customers, clients or patients of that business depending on the kind of business it is. Business owners can not write reviews for their own business and neither can their employees, family members or relatives. Also, a business owner can not put a review for a competitor. 


Private Info: Posting private photos and videos about someone or displaying their full name in your review is prohibited. 


Duplicated Content: Please don't copy any content from other websites. Write your experience with your own words. 


Requesting Payment: Asking payment or a refund in exchange in removing a review or changing the rating is strictly prohibited. 

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